A Dark Collection of Extreme Lightness – Carbon Fibre Glasses Frames


Carbon Fibre Glasses Frames – used for Formula 1 racing cars, aircraft, yachts and now…. glasses frames

Carbon fibre almost defies the laws of physics. The material is light as a feather yet tremendously strong. It is used in Formula 1 racing cars, aircraft, luxury yachts – and now in FLEYE’s new eyewear collection.

When you get inside the carbon fibre material, you discover a world of fibres that criss-cross in various inspiring patterns. By using the natural texture created by the carbon fibre as a visually attractive detail on the glasses, the designers have created a unique look while retaining the material’s outstanding technical qualities.

Perfect Fit

Two feather-light materials are combined in a single strong and adjustable pair of glasses.
Beta-titanium temples ensure the glasses can be adjusted for the perfect fit. Unlike carbon fibre, beta titanium is extremely flexible. This means wearers get Danish design in carbon fibre with unique comfort.

Collaboration with Isabel Berglund

Danish textile designer Isabel Berglund has collaborated with FLEYE, using carbon fibre patterns to create dark knitted designs. The creations are incorporated into the collection’s visual look and take us deep into the texture of the carbon fibre.

Isabel Berglund’s knitted sculptures are world-famous and they can be seen at exhibitions like Wool Modern, alongside artworks from Yves Saint-Laurent and other renowned artists.