What Glasses Suit my Face Shape?

Round horn rimmed glasses to suit more angular face shapes

What Glasses Suit My Face Shape?

Here at FLEYE Eyewear, we are always being asked  “What glasses suit my face shape?”  If you want glasses to suit you, there are more things you need to look at than just your face shape.  This quick blog by our expert glasses stylist and FLEYE staff member explains better what you should be looking for when choosing glasses.


5 tips for choosing the perfect glasses to suit your face






1) Emphasize your own lines

”Be careful to avoid having too many lines on your face that are not in harmony. Let your eyebrows and the top of the glasses frame follow each other.”

2) Place the glasses correctly
”The glasses should not rest on your cheeks or sit far up on the forehead. Choose a glasses frame with adjustable nose pads and ensure the glasses sit correctly with your eyes in the centre of the lenses”

3) Narrow vs. round faces
”If your face is long and narrow, choose a glasses frame with good depth (height from top to bottom). For a round face, choose a thin frame with an angular shape. This will help balance your face.”

4) Distance between the eyes 
”Choose a suitable nose bridge.  If your eyes are set close together, choose a fine, simple and short bridge. If your eyes are wide set, choose a dark nose bridge that fades into a lighter shade.”

5) Highlight your personality
”Don’t forget, glasses add personality. Think about what you want to project, and do not be afraid to play with your look.”


Define your Persona with FLEYE Horn Rimmed Glasses

Horn-rimmed-glasses-Smilla by FLEYE Australia
FLEYE Evin Horn Rimmed Glasses with Wood

FLEYE Evin Horn Rimmed Glasses with a visible layer of wood bring the 21st century to classic 50′s style

Define your persona with horn rimmed glasses

How to Choose Horn Rimmed Glasses

So, you’ve been inspired by horn rimmed glasses in Mad Men?  Or perhaps every time you see someone wearing horn rimmed glasses, either in person or in the movies your eyes linger.

To you, someone wearing horn rimmed glasses ‘owns the room’.  You think it’s a look you could make your own. Vintage, retro, classic, spectacles; words that come to mind and looks you want to be associated with. These are ‘spectacles’ rather than eyeglasses!

But how do you choose the right shape horn rimmed glasses for you, men’s or women’s?

Ori horn rimmed glasses, colour 933 by FLEYE

FLEYE Ori Horn Rimmed Glasses in Black

Read on for Essentials to consider when choosing horn eyeglasses

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FLEYE features in respected mivision magazine March 2015

mivision article on Annette Esto explains FLEYE's success

Winning Eyewear of the Year 2015 at the International Optical Fair Tokyo Awards for the fourth year in a row is an honour. FLEYE Denmark have won awards for glasses frames in different materials such as carbon fibre, wood and beta titanium.  It’s Annette’s choice of top quality, innovative materials for the glasses frames and sunglasses that makes all the difference.  She refuses to compromise on quality.

It also helps to attract some attention.

Respected optical magazine mivision published a special feature article on Annette Esto of FLEYE and our success.

Click here to see what mivision have to say about FLEYE.


FLEYE reveals its Design Secrets for creating Feather-Light Glasses

Beta titanium blue and orange glasses frames

FLEYE reveals its Design Secrets for creating Feather-Light Glasses – See the Video Below

FLEYE Denmark have created and released a short video to showcase the secret to creating award-winning, light as air glasses frames, so popular in over 30 countries.

Why are Lighter Glasses Frames necessarily better?

More Comfortable

This feature means your glasses will be more comfortable to wear. You are more likely to forget that you are wearing glasses at all.

Reduced Pressure on your Face

Together with the award-winning beta-titanium nose pad wire which features a choice of 3 sizes of discreet, round nose pads, this also means less pressure on your nose, ears and temples from your glasses.

Reduced Markings from your Frames

Well-designed glasses frames sit properly on your face. As well as looking good, this means the weight is evenly distributed over the contact points on your body. So when you take off your glasses you will notice reduced tell-tale marks on your nose – great for impromptu photo taking!

Learn FLEYE’s secrets here:

Dark Summer – New Carbon Fibre Glasses Range

Carbon Fibre Sunglasses Selma and River

New Carbon Fibre Sunglasses Range from FLEYE

Black is the stylish choice that never goes out of fashion. But why play it safe? With the new sunglasses from FLEYE, you can be fashionable in black and still show your unique personality with colour.  Glasses Frames never got so fun.

Design Features – Patterned Frames, Colourful Temples

There is light in the dark! Lively summer colours spice up the dark carbon fibre in this new sunglasses collection from Danish FLEYE. Colourful temples serve as an eye-catching and sophisticated contrast to the dark carbon fibre. The cylindrical temple tips are a trademark of FLEYE sunglasses. The Carbon Fibres themselves are used as a basis for unique design.  FLEYE commissioned a well known Danish wool artist to design an exclusive pattern with the carbon fibres themselves. Functionality and design in one.  The strength of the carbon fibre matched with the beauty of design.

Practicality and Protection Come First for Sunglasses

Exclusive sunglasses demand state-of-the art quality. FLEYE sunglasses are all fitted with polarised Carl Zeiss lenses with anti-reflective coating.  This ensures perfect UV protection and superior vision. Don’t go mainstream! Stand out this summer!

A Dark Collection of Extreme Lightness – Carbon Fibre Glasses Frames


Carbon Fibre Glasses Frames – used for Formula 1 racing cars, aircraft, yachts and now…. glasses frames

Carbon fibre almost defies the laws of physics. The material is light as a feather yet tremendously strong. It is used in Formula 1 racing cars, aircraft, luxury yachts – and now in FLEYE’s new eyewear collection.

When you get inside the carbon fibre material, you discover a world of fibres that criss-cross in various inspiring patterns. By using the natural texture created by the carbon fibre as a visually attractive detail on the glasses, the designers have created a unique look while retaining the material’s outstanding technical qualities.

Perfect Fit

Two feather-light materials are combined in a single strong and adjustable pair of glasses.
Beta-titanium temples ensure the glasses can be adjusted for the perfect fit. Unlike carbon fibre, beta titanium is extremely flexible. This means wearers get Danish design in carbon fibre with unique comfort.

Collaboration with Isabel Berglund

Danish textile designer Isabel Berglund has collaborated with FLEYE, using carbon fibre patterns to create dark knitted designs. The creations are incorporated into the collection’s visual look and take us deep into the texture of the carbon fibre.

Isabel Berglund’s knitted sculptures are world-famous and they can be seen at exhibitions like Wool Modern, alongside artworks from Yves Saint-Laurent and other renowned artists.

Annette Estoe wins at the Female Entrepreneur Awards


Annette Estoe wins at the Female Entrepreneur Awards 2014

”All through Annette Estoe’s career as an entrepreneur, she has been thinking big and ambitiously and achieved a remarkable export success with the company FLEYE,” said the Womenomics committee when they presented the Innovative Entrepreneurship Award 2014 to Annette Estoe.

Annette Estoe stands out with her orange hair. But most of all she stands out because she is a female business leader.

Womenomics, a conference for female business leaders, debaters and opinion leaders, took place this week at the centuries-old Børsen building in Copenhagen. Three different entrepreneur awards were presented to business women who have accomplished something extraordinary, and the entrepreneur award went to Annette Estoe, co-owner and founder of FLEYE.

”Annette’s confident design skills are combined with an amazing perseverance, glowing passion and fine strategic flair and professional competence, earning her great respect among both designers and business people in Denmark and worldwide.” The Womenomics committee praised Annette highly when they presented her with the award.

The other two award winners were Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae and Stine Bosse who has been named one of the most powerful women in the world by TIME magazine.

Video from the award ceremony:

FLEYE awarded Eyewear of the Year 2014 – again

Horn Eyewear of the year

FLEYE awarded Eyewear of the Year 2014 – Third year in a row!

What it Takes to Stand Out

Silky-soft, light buffalo horn exquisitely sets off the fine structure of the encapsulated rosewood. The elegant, hand-crafted model Dori 951 by FLEYE Danish Designer Eyewear wins the Eyewear of the Year 2014 award in the Ladies’ Eyewear category.
FLEYE combines horn, normally a classic material, with beta-titanium side bars in modern turquoise. This unusual combination of classic and trendy creates a young and exclusive look.
The wood’s structure lends a very special effect, when combined with horn, and the horn / wood / horn layer ensures the perfect preservation of the rosewood.
This is the third consecutive year that FLEYE wins the Eyewear of the Year award at the IOFT (International Optical Fair Tokyo), ensuring FLEYE’s popularity in over 30 countries worldwide.


Sunglasses to match your golf attire

POP sunglasses

You want clear vision when you are on the golf course. But you also want to look well put together. Maestro of Danish eyewear design FLEYE is now launching a sunglasses collection perfect for the golfer.

You won’t always wear the same outfit when playing golf. One day you feel like wearing white, the next day you feel more like wearing orange or turquoise.  Complete your stylish look with pair of light, comfortable, exclusive Danish designer sunglasses which you can customise.

FLEYE presents the POP collection where you can ’pop out’ and change the nose piece to a different colour that matches your golf attire.

“These are glasses customisable to your golf clothes. The coloured pop out acrylic pieces give you many different looks to play with, and you can even wear the sunglasses without them”

says Annette Estø from FLEYE’s design team. She adds that all FLEYE sunglasses feature polarised Carl Zeiss sun lenses with anti-reflective coating. That means no disturbing sunrays to keep you from making that birdie!

Your vision is crucial when you are estimating distance and aiming on the golf course. The polarized lenses of these sunglasses improve your vision by reducing glare.

The FLEYE solution to style and functionality on the golf course.

Written by:  Emma Capell of Joy in Content. www.joyincontent.com.au

FLEYE Eyewear at the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Nov 13

FLEYE Eyewear at the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is celebrating its 40 year anniversary in 2013 with the exhibition “Danish Design at the House” which showcases some of the most prominent Danish design icons. One of these is eyewear brand FLEYE.

World Famous Danish Design in Australia

Denmark is world famous for design. The Sydney Opera House was designed 40 years ago by the Dane Jorn Utzon, and this year the anniversary is marked by showcasing some of the most acclaimed Danish design within furniture, fashion, jewellery, eyewear, etc.

Exclusive Eyewear Designers

FLEYE was one of only two Danish eyewear brands making it to the exhibition.

FLEYE is presenting their feather-light frames in the western foyer of the Opera House.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark paid FLEYE a visit at the opening and they were quite enthusiastic about the eyewear designs.