Clip on Sunglasses

Clip on Sunglasses

Back in the day, clip on sunglasses were ugly, clunky  and quick to fall off. Everyone could tell they were clip ons, often designed as a one size fits all and larger than your own glasses frames. You wouldn’t be seen dead in them and they sadly got a bad reputation.

Not any more!

FLEYE polarised clip on sunglasses

Perfectly matched to your FLEYE glasses frames for seamless integration

FLEYE clip on sunglasses are unique to each pair of our prescription glasses frames. We actually design and create unique clip on sunglasses to match each colour and each model of the quality glasses frames. That means the rim of the polarised sunglasses clip ons sits perfectly in front of the rim of your glasses.  The colour of the clip ons and where possible, the material (all our polarised clip ons are made with Japanese beta titanium) perfectly match the rest of the frame. Finally we use tiny hooksbeneath  and a slim beta-titanium wire at the top which hooks behind the nose bridge.  These are almost invisible to the observer.

Light and durable clip ons

Made from allergy friendly, durable beta-titanium and weighing just 6g, I repeat, just 6 tiny grammes, these clip on quickly and firmly to your frames and will not come off until you say so.

I can’t tell if they are sunglasses or clip ons

The clip ons are seamless and it’s hard to tell you aren’t wearing normal sunglasses.  We always get the Wow! factor from FLEYE glasses wearers when they realise they are looking at clip ons and not just a pair of sunglasses. They just can’t tell.

Polarised for excellent vision and sun protection

All our clip on sunglasses have polarised lenses for excellent sun protective vision, either in a grey or brown lens.  Both colours make the sea pop and the world look brighter. Polarised lenses offer clarity of vision.  You wouldn’t want sunglasses without polarised lenses so why would you accept unpolarised clip ons?

No need to carry two pairs of prescription glasses with you

Our clip on sunglasses come in a slimline flocked rubber pouch weighing just 24g. Together with the 6g polarised lenses, that’s just 30g

The dimensions of the protective sunglasses clip on pouch are 6cm x 16cm x just one centimetre thick. This slots easily into any pocket or handbag; much easier than carrying two pairs of glasses.

FLEYE Clip on sunglasses are polarized and turn one pair into two So now you can read your newspaper on a sunny porch, solve your Sudoku on a bright balcony and not have to limit your vision by choosing between reading glasses or sunglasses!

Matching sunglasses clip ons are available for all FLEYE glasses frames except for the carbon fibre and rimless ranges. Please look at your chosen model of FLEYE glasses frames online to see the colour of the clip on sunglasses lens and frame and make sure they are available. Alternatively, check out the FLEYE ranges of glasses frames here.

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