Define your Persona with FLEYE Horn Rimmed Glasses

Horn-rimmed-glasses-Smilla by FLEYE Australia
FLEYE Evin Horn Rimmed Glasses with Wood

FLEYE Evin Horn Rimmed Glasses with a visible layer of wood bring the 21st century to classic 50′s style

Define your persona with horn rimmed glasses

How to Choose Horn Rimmed Glasses

So, you’ve been inspired by horn rimmed glasses in Mad Men?  Or perhaps every time you see someone wearing horn rimmed glasses, either in person or in the movies your eyes linger.

To you, someone wearing horn rimmed glasses ‘owns the room’.  You think it’s a look you could make your own. Vintage, retro, classic, spectacles; words that come to mind and looks you want to be associated with. These are ‘spectacles’ rather than eyeglasses!

But how do you choose the right shape horn rimmed glasses for you, men’s or women’s?

Ori horn rimmed glasses, colour 933 by FLEYE

FLEYE Ori Horn Rimmed Glasses in Black

Read on for Essentials to consider when choosing horn eyeglasses


If you just want the vintage, classic, almost tortoise shell look to complete your retro style, horn rimmed glasses are perfect.  As they are a natural product each pair is unique in terms of colour and striations. FLEYE have a range of shapes and materials to choose from in colours other than black.

Smilla FLEYE horn rimmed glasses frames in red

Smilla horn rimmed glasses frames in Red

Making a statement – you want to be taken seriously

Choose either the very round or the very angular classic horn rimmed frames as these take no prisoners.  The darker the better, black horn rimmed glasses really stand out.  Ori (above) and Norn (below) surround the eye and almost dominate the face.

Norn horn rimmed glasses frames - 933 FLEYE designer glasses frames. Polarised sunglasses clip on available. Allergy free

Norn horn rimmed glasses get you taken seriously


The softer, more studious look

Horn rimmed glasses in brown variations are more bookish and preppy.  Brown will tone down the look of glasses on your face while still capturing the retro look.


FLEYE’s more original option

FLEYE create horn style glasses frames which are beta titanium at the front with horn temples.  These comfortable horn temples warm up against your skin and let your eyes be the centrepiece while still looking cool from the side. See the Duva and Nepur models.

Nepur 001 horn FLEYE designer glasses frames. Polarised sunglasses clip on available. Allergy free

Nepur Dark Grey frames with horn temples


Do you need prescription glasses or are you just wanting to buy retro look, ready to go frames?

If you need a strong prescription lens, choose smaller horn rimmed glasses frames as the curve of the lens means the lenses will get thicker, the larger they are, and may jut out from your frames. You also want glasses that sit closer to your face to prevent your eyes looking smaller or larger thanks to the lens itself.

Will your glasses be worn daily and are likely to need to withstand wear and tear?

In this case a strong, light frame is essential.  Choose glasses with beta titanium.  This metal has both strength and is super lightweight for long term wear.

If your glasses are worn continually, comfort should be taken into consideration

Try on various pairs in order to see what feels light and comfortable on you.  Adjustable nose clips can make a big difference in terms of fit as the frames will sit correctly and won’t fall off easily.

Which horn rimmed glasses are flattering and suit your face?

Consider the angles of your face

Basic rule for flattering glasses; if you have a rounded face, you should choose squarer glasses and if your face is more angular, a rounder frame will look best.  There are styles in between the classic nerdy round and rectangular frames which you should try on.

Look at the length of your face

If your face is longer, you should keep away from narrow glasses and if your face is rounder, a large round frame which steals from the length you do have, will not flatter you. Choose something narrower.

Size of your face

Head and face size differs. Choose glasses frames in proportion for your size.

Curve of your eyebrows

The lines of the glasses should ideally follow the lines of your face.  If your eyebrows are very arched, find a model which is parallel. Are they straight?  Go for the rectangular styles.

Sun Protection – keep your look when the sun comes out

Now that you’ve invested in just the right pair of horn or horn rimmed glasses to define your personal style, you won’t want to take them off when the sun comes out, whether you need a prescription lens or not.

Find a pair of horn rimmed glasses which have clip on sunglasses custom made for your particular style of glasses.  They will sit tightly and look seamless against the frames.

All FLEYE horn rimmed glasses frames have matching polarised sunglasses clips to fit seamlessly to your  glasses when the sun comes out.  Lightweight and strong, and narrow enough to slip into any bag or pocket in their FLEYE case, your sunglasses clips they will become a permanent addition. When they are attached, it is hard to tell they are clip ons.


Finding just the right horn rimmed glasses frames to suit your lifestyle, your face and your persona is an investment.  If you can factor in all of these considerations as well as comfort and practicality, this decision will be one you won’t have to make again for a long while.

Browse the range of genuine horn rimmed glasses frames made by FLEYE.  They are made with genuine ethically sourced Asian buffalo horn.  Each pair comes with beeswax to care for your glasses and prolong their look.

Search for your nearest FLEYE Horn Rimmed Glasses stockist in Australia or New Zealand.

FLEYE Evin Horn Rimmed Glasses with Wood