FLEYE features in respected mivision magazine March 2015

mivision article on Annette Esto explains FLEYE's success

Winning Eyewear of the Year 2015 at the International Optical Fair Tokyo Awards for the fourth year in a row is an honour. FLEYE Denmark have won awards for glasses frames in different materials such as carbon fibre, wood and beta titanium.  It’s Annette’s choice of top quality, innovative materials for the glasses frames and sunglasses that makes all the difference.  She refuses to compromise on quality.

It also helps to attract some attention.

Respected optical magazine mivision published a special feature article on Annette Esto of FLEYE and our success.

Click here to see what mivision have to say about FLEYE.


FLEYE reveals its Design Secrets for creating Feather-Light Glasses

Beta titanium blue and orange glasses frames

FLEYE reveals its Design Secrets for creating Feather-Light Glasses – See the Video Below

FLEYE Denmark have created and released a short video to showcase the secret to creating award-winning, light as air glasses frames, so popular in over 30 countries.

Why are Lighter Glasses Frames necessarily better?

More Comfortable

This feature means your glasses will be more comfortable to wear. You are more likely to forget that you are wearing glasses at all.

Reduced Pressure on your Face

Together with the award-winning beta-titanium nose pad wire which features a choice of 3 sizes of discreet, round nose pads, this also means less pressure on your nose, ears and temples from your glasses.

Reduced Markings from your Frames

Well-designed glasses frames sit properly on your face. As well as looking good, this means the weight is evenly distributed over the contact points on your body. So when you take off your glasses you will notice reduced tell-tale marks on your nose – great for impromptu photo taking!

Learn FLEYE’s secrets here: