What Glasses Suit my Face Shape?

Round horn rimmed glasses to suit more angular face shapes

What Glasses Suit My Face Shape?

Here at FLEYE Eyewear, we are always being asked  “What glasses suit my face shape?”  If you want glasses to suit you, there are more things you need to look at than just your face shape.  This quick blog by our expert glasses stylist and FLEYE staff member explains better what you should be looking for when choosing glasses.


5 tips for choosing the perfect glasses to suit your face






1) Emphasize your own lines

”Be careful to avoid having too many lines on your face that are not in harmony. Let your eyebrows and the top of the glasses frame follow each other.”

2) Place the glasses correctly
”The glasses should not rest on your cheeks or sit far up on the forehead. Choose a glasses frame with adjustable nose pads and ensure the glasses sit correctly with your eyes in the centre of the lenses”

3) Narrow vs. round faces
”If your face is long and narrow, choose a glasses frame with good depth (height from top to bottom). For a round face, choose a thin frame with an angular shape. This will help balance your face.”

4) Distance between the eyes 
”Choose a suitable nose bridge.  If your eyes are set close together, choose a fine, simple and short bridge. If your eyes are wide set, choose a dark nose bridge that fades into a lighter shade.”

5) Highlight your personality
”Don’t forget, glasses add personality. Think about what you want to project, and do not be afraid to play with your look.”